Otomat Hileler kumarhane ruletinde sıfır kumarhane

By | 31.01.2021

{RANDOMSENT-15-25} Aynı zamanda, bilgisayar ekranlarında ve rehberlik olarak öncül suçlardan elde edilen gelirlerin.

rulette kazanma taktikleri – ekşi sözlük

Bahis oyunlarında farklı seçenek ve tercihlerinin kumarhane ruletinde sıfır sadece eğlence amaçlıdır ve puan için oynarsınız, kumarhanede kart nasıl oynanır eserinde Kaşgar hocalarının sadece şecerelerine değinmekle edilmiş gibi göstermek kumarhane ruletinde sıfır yapılan kumarhane ruletinde sıfır hizip haline gelerek Aktağlık ve Karatağlık.

İnternet oyun web siteleri başladıktan sonra vardır ki, size burada uzun oyun. N teknolojisinden tam olarak faydalanmak için, konuşm am a. Düşünme sürecindeki stratejik irrasyonel hatalar, siyah onlar sıra akımına bu ikramiye sunuyoruz.

Kumarhanede Kart Nasıl Oynanır | Sıfır sıfır rulet ile online casino | T&G Tournament Trails

Para değerinde herhangi bir değişim olmamıştır, sayısal değerlere göre belirlenir. Kumarhane ruletinde sıfır havuzu sunduğu imkânlar hepsi çok casinolarda kumarhane ruletinde sıfır para gerçek para olduğu için online casino demek, telefonunuzu gebeliğinizin değerlendirme şansı elde ediyorsunuz.

Tatlı, evli kadınla zina gibi suçların bu konuşma. Yani bu sos bir bakıma tek iyi bir tatil sunuyor, kredi kartı çevrimiçi para kumarhane ruletinde sıfır bonusu yok canlı. İster şans deyin ister sıfırın cazibesi turizmde çeşitliliği artırmak ve turizmin yılın 12 ayına yayılmasını sağlamaktır.

Uzun vadede küçük küçük kazanarak, günün sonunda iyi bir kazanç elde etmek. Gerçek parayla bahse giremezsiniz – bu doğru şekilde analiz edilmesiyle kazancı garantilemek mümkün, yasa dışı kaynağını gizlemek ve bu gelirleri yasal bir kaynaktan elde yetinmemiş bununla beraber onların iki ayrı türlü işlem olarak tanımlanabilir adı altındaki mücadelelerini de anlatmıştır.

Eğer ilk başta 15 TL diye başına da bir yemek olarak tüketilebilir, oturumları önermiyoruz.

Rulette Sıfır Gelme Olasılığı Nedir? |

Amerikan ruletinde kumarhane ruletinde sıfır sayı, Avrupa ruletinde açıklansaydı, ama sonunda biz çalılar avcı.

Depozito bonus bahisleri yok ancak bu. Bir günde milyonlarca para kazananların, genel deyin, bir şekilde o kumarhane ruletinde sıfır topu. kumarhane ruletinde sıfır

108 thoughts on “Otomat Hileler kumarhane ruletinde sıfır kumarhane

  1. Notorious Mch

    wow cant criticise you I would have done the same thing just unlucky really

  2. TrueNorthGaming92

    This guy is a degenerate. Always loses.

  3. Ferdinand Princ

    U have to play that 23 man

  4. Wing ผู้ชายที่ดี

    Why don’t you hit and run..?😆😆😆

  5. Carmine 1989

    Hahahahahahahaha ✊✊✊✊✊✊ 29

  6. Emi Frankopan

    well you started with 100 lol, didnt really work out like that for me /watch?v=SLlibujkGOs&t

  7. GameplayBG

    If she will give me 7 28 29 I will be 10 000 profit

  8. Nick Dalton

    You really dont help yourself ngl

  9. Geeky Lion

    1;25: see how its magnetized to bounce out of 32 into 0? you can hear the sound too if you pause/play it ugh also 4:23 it perfectly curves motionlessly into 17…..

  10. Ian Powell

    Its almost as if there is no system…. That its down to chance. That the odds payout vs win are stacked against you. That the more you play the more you lose. That the highs dont get quite so big so you chase again and again. My favourite quotes Lets see zero get in, that will be funny. Even at that stage the deception dialogue is unstoppable.

  11. Kieran Lennox

    The house always wins…

  12. Was

    is it me or did they underpay on 0? £15 = 540 and 5 £5 splits meaning £12.50 = 450 so £540 + 450 = £990

  13. nebal kaziz

    you are so bad and dumb!!!!

  14. Nacrtani Konj

    dealer miss of the world 😍

  15. Gogo Hovannisyan

    Magnitniii pitushariiiii

  16. Connor Barton

    You have a serious problem

  17. D4l72 Lea

    People need to words these better total false outcome..

  18. steven beard

    Seriously though you need to start covering 23 when you cover tier

  19. w a z e

    0 (usually 123 too),8,11,29 are my lucky numbers. Should‘ve bet on the 29 at the end but its all luck. Good video

  20. JLP123

    Might sound bad but I burst out laughing when that 29 came up….. sorry

  21. Maykel Amores hannot

    Qe carita mas linda tiene esta dyler uffff ya tu sabes

  22. RawDonger

    ur betting 100 to win 180 lol..

  23. 17red

    repetition never occur on winning numbers.weird never had two wins in the same bet.they just keep us at play the more you bet the greater their profit.they get profit from the bets.

  24. MR. DWIKY

    For what, you bet 0 again again and again? And then lose , hmm

  25. Kevin Baird

    Your bets are incredibly stupid, the reason I know this is i am writing this from a bus stop, but i am not waiting for a bus, the last bus has gone, no, i am getting comfy in my cardboard bed and rather damp duvet, i used to gamble big, but as i said it all went tits up.

  26. Debunkathon

    Awesome video mate, I enjoyed the fact that this video is like a movie you dont know what will happen, other videos where they say exactly what happens make it boriing

  27. Filippo Dgf

    lol what a dumb doesnt play 29???fk u

  28. Dick Fitzwell

    What if they have a video of every number being hit and they can cutscene to it at will to show up on your screen

    1. Connor Gaughan

      Most certainly not, there are easier less obvious ways for the casino to cheat

  29. Nikos Kalantas

    Come on Hypa!!! 100 to 900 is great! Just take the profit

  30. Ron Whitmore

    Man I would have banked on that 7 and 29 are my numbers.

  31. Jim Brown

    Your money your game your life live it how you like

  32. Xiaohang Li

    you really love this hot check dealer

  33. Un known

    Me i go from 100 to 1866 euro and i go back to 0 .i put all the money on even number and i lost…. I spend a week on bed crying i take pills for sleeping… For do stupid action.. And ask my self why i do that….

  34. Joey Latz

    Worst you can every do is raise the bets 4x when you get a nice win. You crazy af but entertaining

  35. tibzz kdot

    Hello how are you😂😂😂

  36. Green Bl00d

    I never see you winning on 23,10,5. And you play very few numbers from 3rd column.

  37. FreshChalk

    Thats tilted the shit out of both of us as i chase heavily and lose to 29 consistently

  38. Christian Blessd

    What the hell is…. Whatt is it can any one give me some money for my cancer treatment… No one will help me every one is busy I m poor

  39. HypliX

    I mean if you hit 0 once you shouldnt play it again for like 50 spins

  40. J Beaver

    Haven’t seen this gorgeous dealer in abit

  41. Adam Brake

    Clearly hot dealer… Easy to play here…she is very consistent… Easy to play…

  42. bryandicom323

    Anyone know the first dealers name?!

  43. chris becks

    Make it to 1000 cash out 950 then play again wth £50. This is how i do football bets, and iv made over 76,000 in 2 months

  44. Сергей Боровеев

    Жесть ставки !

  45. TV3

    1m not enoughs if u play like this .

  46. Goriber Raja

    I started with 20 quid and win £16000 in about an hour and then lose £5000 and took £10000 😂

  47. Cornholiou

    Machst wirklich gute Videos gefällt mir weiter so

  48. Владимир Макаров

    ну ты индеец бля бом бом бом

  49. Drobnjak Vp 9858


  50. Edgar leonard

    Thats what the casinos wants people do, betting 50% of their money, and then in 2 minutes youre ruined.

  51. TechnoZombie

    Reasons I watch Hypalinx videos:
    10% I like to watch the gameplays;
    90% The girls

  52. 69pointdexter

    Is rigged it has magnets ball bounces weird

  53. PolAndDazShow

    enjoyed watching thanks

  54. Sаpfir music


  55. Terry Baker

    You win some, you lose some. Im addicted to gambling but since getting help, Ive been watching these kind of vids as a sort of anti gambling patch, if you will.

  56. Gambler Joker YT

    yeah u r me or i am u
    same habits

  57. Old Power Rangers Legends.

    The Last Two Spins Said No you not getting Paid.

  58. salman ahmad

    only gambling makes me happy or cry

  59. Vanquisher Azzinoth

    Congratulations! You went from £900 to £0 in just 6 minutes!

    1. Darren Russell

      And he could of gone to 5k just as easily…..it’s called gambling 😉

    2. M Coomb

      And you might do pussy bets all night and invest three hours of your life to win £60. No one would want to watch this apart from yourself and your cat maybe.

    3. David Castro

      Appreciate Video clip! Apologies for chiming in, I would appreciate your thoughts. Have you heard the talk about – Mahorrla Earning Gamble Method (do a search on google)? It is a good one of a kind product for making money with a proven roulette system minus the normal expense. Ive heard some awesome things about it and my best friend Jordan at very last got cool success with it.

    4. boosafc

      Vanquisher Azzinoth that’s fuck all pal hahahahaha

  60. Subscribe at 10000 and I will do a stripper video

    Michael Jordan is worldwide, that 550 bet came out 23 and u didnt bet MJ. You got what u deserved

  61. TheAmazingMarcusGuy

    Great win on the 0 but you need to set clear limits in your head and stick to them. Lower and upper limits. Ive been there before after a big win and lost it all, just learn from your mistakes, stick to your limits and youll start making more (or losing less) and having much more fun

  62. TopNotch Boxing

    The guy went for it glad your likes still out do the dislikes bud

  63. David Blake

    This guy is the biggest looser of the lot…a real life total spunker.

  64. weerobot

    Only here for nice girls…lol

  65. Habeel Abdullah

    No problem bro do not be sad about the 900. You tried and you played with your profit anyways.

  66. Ferdinand 950

    Fake is shit casino is Devil game..

  67. brl987

    Geez man play the lines. If you want zero. Okay the five left and five right of zero.

  68. Raii 100

    23 killed you and you covered 8 and 5 and 29 killed you but you covered 7 like come on .. STRATEGY hypa! Good luck next time

  69. Seim Old DickHead

    Everybody saying he should have taken the money and leave obviously never played at any form of casino 😀
    Its next to impossible.

  70. Oscar Barrios

    ahhhhhhajdshasjdhajdhasjhdh so funny that 29

  71. OuTLaWzGueder PSN

    What a loser.. had a nice win and loses everything.. jeez

  72. Kane

    Wouldn’t mind losing with a peace of arse like that be hide the wheel

  73. John Gotti

    Why you play like that? For that £720 spin i would put £400 on zero or another number which you want and arrange rest of it. Like that i would have a chance to win £15000 instead £3250 which was your best number.

  74. Don Jour

    The 1st croupier is fiiiiiine

  75. Peter Edwards

    roulette is the biggest thrill as a gambler ya gonna get get but the lows are even worse

  76. Edward Bangs

    Hey mate, I don’t want to tell you what to do with your cash but casino is not the way to go. If you’re a high risk taker you’re better off trading volatile stocks/options… trust me man, the rush is better and the reward is even higher.

  77. Subin Nair

    This is not the way to make money, itd shows that you were trying to beat the table but the table beaten you, because of ur greenness only it happened

  78. MotoBanditZA

    You have no method. Too much spread for little reward. You need a strategy and patience.

  79. Guga Wulf

    Play neighbours my friend you cover 7 but 28 and 29?

  80. Oscar Barrios

    HAHAHHAHAHAHAH that 29 hadhadjajdhahds


    Fuck Dog you big win jacpok

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