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By | 31.01.2021

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137 thoughts on “Için leon zakharchenko kumarhane parası tetikleyiciler betfair!

  1. Heros Margusian

    I am Armenian but I support Ukrainian s.

    1. NiteStorm324

      Why dont you know that they love turkey

  2. Les Jones

    The EU and Nato are responsible for wot has, and is happening in Ukraine History shows Russia must have a Buffer! Same on you EU.

  3. Daki

    meanwhile daily bald gets to walk around the zone unscathed

  4. keeganpercyruss

    onestly ukraine belongs to russia

  5. joris

    russia is Gopnik once u are on her bad side u wont ever be on her good side

  6. alan C

    Vox I like most of your stuff BUT I challenge you to look back at your videos with an open mind and listed to the way you say things about America in Iraq Afghanistan and a Syria like American moved into stabilized the or bring peace or democracy to people ! But when talking about Russia you use words like took advantage of the situation . And invaded but you dont use them same words when the USA invade . PS I am not Russia I just like to see both sides told the same please .

  7. Soviet Union

    Where is the Soviet Union?

  8. Russify- Minecraft n’ more ☑️

    crimea was reunited, libya and iraq was occupied.

  9. Ádhamh Ó Conchobhair

    Love and respect to R̶u̶s̶s̶i̶a̶ ̶U̶k̶r̶a̶i̶n̶e̶.
    Love and respect to all the civilians that have to suffer through this greedy conflict

  10. Пазний ИЖ

    And thats is my home…

  11. Roberto Fernandez

    Because of Putin. He wants to annex the territory of Donbass, thats why, he supports separatists with weapons, trops and money. Like Crimea.

  12. Xk 31

    I hope Russia and Ukraine solve their issues through political dialogue instead of warfare.. 🙂🇺🇦❤️🇷🇺

    1. Jimpy

      @Xk 31 Lol Poland is in NATO so unless someone wants a third World War youre good😂

    2. Xk 31

      I hope nobody invades poland this time .. 😂😜😜😂

  13. 01 00

    Pomogi Donbassu, pomogi. ROSSIYA.

    1. Просто Человек

      Ona uzhe pomogla v 2014 godu,

  14. 𝐂𝐔𝐁𝐀 Fair Games Fair Play

    Same conflicted situation as in Nagorno-Karabakh between Armenians and Azerbaijanis now between Ukraine and Russia

  15. Alan Rumford hit game among us sus forntite


  16. Super Mayonnaise

    Ukraine: Let’s become friendly with Russia!

    Russia: Did you say you wanted to be invaded?

  17. James Harden

    Ukraine should go back unite with russia. If they continue to resist, they will suffer more. Moreover most people in ukraine are russians.

    1. Raqqa

      If Russia stopped attacking it would be bennifical to both sides

    2. NickFuckface

      @James Harden Russia is no longer part of the Soviet Union. What exactly makes it russian?

    3. NickFuckface

      @Имя фамилия youre delusional

    4. Euronymous 23

      @Имя фамилия lies

    5. James Harden

      @NickFuckface lol its russian in the first place see Soviet Union. How bout America doesnt invade other country?

  18. Mountain Jew

    Short answer: bad neighbourhood.

  19. Zuschauerquaeler

    when it really matters, it is the nationalistic people who protect their country.

  20. Simulated Trainspotter

    I have a feeling Ukraine will break up like the Yugoslavs…

  21. Hleb Vladimir

    Conflicts between brother nations make me really sad.
    Best regards from Russia

  22. SWAY 305

    Bro I wish this video was longer

  23. Michael Jerome Nierras

    Love Ukraine from Philippines 🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭. Why Russia need to get other countries area they are humongous country.

    1. The Professional

      Ukraine too is large and grabs russian land

  24. Jim Qin

    So you would not support Russian Separatists to gain independence in Ukraine, but you would definitely support separatists in Hong Kong, Taiwan, Xin Jiang and Tibet……. Such classic double standard, well done all you democratic, liberal, progressive Westerners

  25. Carl David Quizon

    Wow Ukraine is more Russian people but the Russian people r war there old contry russia what

  26. Nick B

    You also have to know that Russia supplies natural gas and oil to all of Europe except Ukraine for cheap. So that means that when Putin raided Ukraine, Europe couldn’t do say or do much or there supply would cut off. So that makes it harder for Ukraine to join the EU and escape Russia.

  27. Diogo T7

    .do you think ukraine will need to divide in order to have peace?

  28. James Murphy

    Stupidity is amazing !
    Economic activity is more important over what ethnic group you belong to

  29. Helga Formo

    Just do what Castro did: Let Russias enemies put missiles on your land.

  30. Shahana Kadri

    First time conflict,tensions and trouble wasnt caused by britain.

  31. Юрий Шумилов

    Amerigo vispuchi

  32. Shadab Alam

    May Allah bring peace to Ukraine

  33. Ethan

    2:31 this map is wrong, Vox. Kaliningrad oblast and memelland were a part of the german empire.

  34. Random Stuff

    See what happens when you reject EU and try to return to Russia?

  35. Echo 5-0-1

    I have a idea ukraine could join nato in one night then U.S. would invade them beg my pardon Liberate them at dawn 😀👌

    1. Plexus

      @ECKSDEE 1 china and russia arent really allies, they are only brought together by their hatred of the united states. But yes, ukraine joining nato would force russia and the US to war which would be catastrophic

    2. ECKSDEE 1

      Lol you clearly dont understand how the world works, if Ukraine Joins NATO, it would be at war with Russia, and Russias big boy ally, China.

      Also you cant just invade the biggest nuclear power, they know if 1 NATO soldier steps into Russian territory, it will be a blizzard of nukes flying down on Europe and America

  36. Julie Kaye

    Ukrainians are not Russians. It’s a different nation from the 10th century.
    It has its own language. Different history, such as Cossacks fighters.
    Different culture overall, including literature, national costumes, dances, cuisine, folklore and the most important different mentality.
    Mentality of loving Freedom. Freedom from Russia and dictators.

  37. OFF

    15 000 killed😢, glory of Ukraine ❤️

  38. Toast bread

    I love the country so much and I will support them as much as I can.
    Donetsk and Lugansk are Ukraine and the EU and the USA and the whole Nato should help the Ukrainian State to beat up these terrorists

  39. atenrok

    This vide is sooooo outdated 🤦🏻‍♂️

    1. atenrok

      @Raqqa I just stated the fact, not blaming anybody.

    2. Raqqa

      It was made 3 years ago not their fault

  40. Jozef O.

    Respect to Donbas people how they fight for their homeland !

  41. Aydın Akın

    Many information is omitted. Burning of 48 pro-russian ukranians by Ukrainian extremists, attemps to ban the offical use of Russian language. There is also no information about how Ukraiain has has troops picked up by far-fight Ukrainians. FUNNY

  42. joaquin valeri

    Im still hate bad stuff

  43. Marko Vitorovic

    All of those buffer-states that joined the EU, and some other Eastern European Countries, also joined NATO. I think that’s a more valid reason as to why the Russian government feels threatened. I’m not sure, but I don’t think Russia fears the EU more than it fears NATO.

  44. mohib malik

    Never lose Hope, never ever. With patience, better time will come.

  45. Isabela Oliveira

    Estou assistindo esse vídeo depois de ter visto o documentário Winter on Fire pra entender melhor os conflitos nesse país

  46. Sammy Mcguinn

    So Ukraine tried to be friends with Russia and in return Russia attacks them and starts taking their land, is that right?

    1. Andrew Flow

      yeah 1st chechen war, shitkraine was on isis side. best mates ever

  47. Tem tem

    Fun fact: nobody cares about the 1000th love from country x comment, please only comment if you actually have anything to say

  48. 01 00

    Rossiya, pozaluista, vozmi pod svoe krilo Donbassa.

  49. Reese Reese

    Respect for Ukraine from Pakistan

  50. Wasthomashere

    This is still true to this very day, and now its getting even worser (When it comes militaristically) than the ceasefire before and the first war.

  51. Blake Goplen

    i still wonder why vox calls countries states

  52. scatman

    algorithm has probably the worst sense of humor ever

  53. David Jones

    Dont worry joe will let Putin have it, for a price.

  54. Sơn Huỳnh

    When Soviet collapsed, Ukraine gained a lot of advanced military foundation tech which could help them become a great country in term of military again, but they sold it all for China and West countries, what a pity, some of the tech make Russian really struggle to redevelop.

    1. Euronymous 23

      Sadly this is the truth

  55. ScreamingTrees 96

    Shout out to Mikey myth, stay safe brotha.


    Love and respect from India 🇮🇳 to Ukraine 🇺🇦
    Hope you guys find peace soon ✌🏻

  57. 01 00

    Ukraina kakova hera vi lezite k Donbassu. Moya babushka plakala, a ei bilo 92 goda. Ona umerla , no do poslednih dney svoey zizni ona plakala za Donbass

  58. Winterysum

    Hm this aged reallly wellllll

  59. Britain Empire

    Respect to the Russia from Britain. I think Russia help us restore the British Empire, and we will help them restore the Russian Empire.

    1. Andrew Flow

      yankees need a civil war for that mate, i do not mind, but future of their nuckes s a problem

  60. Damiano Fitness

    Im Polish if anything then I am on Ukraine side

    1. Alexandra Olvera

      You forgot about that Ukrainians annexed polish land in 1939 and there city Lwow (now Lviv). Then committed a mass genocide on polish people in 1943-1945 that took 100,000 polish lives. Everyone was killing each other, not just Russians.

  61. G B

    Ukraine chose its side; it chose to cosy up to Russia instead of the West, and they were almost immediately stabbed in the back by Russia. Theyve made their bed, now they have to sleep in it.

  62. Raja bhattacharjee

    divide and rule Ukraine policy of imperial Russia to weaken the NATO and America

  63. deep purple

    Checkerd past Ukraine. A dark past in WW2. Hope history doesnt repeat itself., ✌🏻🖖✊💗

  64. Cavalier Skittles

    As an Romanian dude, I feel your pain

  65. Белая Гвардия

    Glory to the Donetsk and Luhansk Peoples Republics! Donbass for Russians!!!!

  66. Illuminati aqi

    Ukraine is stronger than russia if they ever feel weak Nato or usa will sell them weapons

  67. Ruben Hagen

    When can Oekraïne (s) people vote

  68. Louise Mhoon

    I want u to ask yourself how can we name Our Creator I dont say God I feel God is a way of worshipping the devil u hear voices its the devil I accept Our Creator when u hear the voices tell them your choice I want u to constantly remember the devil is here to deceive the voices are the devil dont be deceived Our Creator here I want u to constantly remember its things that can control u I would admit I know nothing accept accepting Our Creator as head of Our life Our Creator started us and the world

  69. Mr DeWitt

    So to put it short, Russia, why is it always Russia

  70. MB Prod

    Imagine all the people, living life in peace. – John Lennon

  71. Jad Qarmoushah

    Add Arabic captions please

  72. Jack Mak

    The eatable canoe selectively dry because cast immediately murder astride a mundane authorization. nutritious, willing step-son

  73. Marek De Marko

    1:40 Should mention also, that if Ukrainian military did not intervene, Donetsk and Lugansk wouldnt be only regions rebelling.

  74. Vox

    Welcome to Vox Atlas! We’re using maps to explore today’s most complex geopolitical, foreign policy, and conflict stories. Everything can be found in this playlist ( and please send me story suggestions in the comments! -Sam

    1. Jonathan Jollimore

      Ukraine got a creepy stalker that just doesnt get the message I am not into you anymore the relationship is over

    2. JC SC38

      Why you lie to people??? Crimea, DOnestk and Lugansk express themselves according to the UN Chart. If you think the way you put it in the video, ask USA to give back Texas to Mexico first

    3. Chuka Amur


    4. Rajadhiraj Maharaj

      @Vox you crane 😂


    Ukraine should have remained Neutral 😐 Now Russia wants a big buffer zone and the only state they can get it from is Ukraine. Balerus is always with Russia. So Ukraine should talk to Putin and remain neutral. Cuz I dont see another way for ukraine to archive peace.. sad but true



    1. Ruben Hagen

      2:07 its in real time fight the flesh

  77. Paul Douris

    Jesus is king and our savior repent of sin so you can be saved remember Jesus Christ Loves You and He’s Coming Soon

  78. 01 00

    Ziteli Donbassa, Rossiya c vami.

  79. Jan michael Adviento

    2021 keep strong ukraine everything will be alright God bless you from philippines.

  80. Arzen 983

    Half of my ancestors came to russian far east from Ukraine, somr from Belarus, Poland… All slavs should live together in peace. World should go together to the bright future.

    From Russia with love!

  81. XX MAN

    Thanks for this video! I was born and raised in Donetsk region, but because of russian aggression I had to move to Kiev. I want everyone to know the truth: russia is the most horrible country ever existed.

  82. Mahammad Khalilov

    Russian gov. is the biggest pain to this world. Whereever you see russians troops you know thar there is something going

  83. AlcoholicSemenThrower

    respect Russia from Russia

  84. MarcoTron08

    Respect to Ukraine from the US, I hate war it is horrible.

  85. Kosovo is Serbia

    In few years there will be no ukraine mark my words …

    1. Raqqa

      @Kosovo is Serbia there about to join nato tho. Especially after what Russia is doing now. That’s a big alliance

    2. Kosovo is Serbia

      @Raqqa you think . They dont have any allies that are willing to help and all their neighbor Wana peace of it . Romania wants bigger access to sea wich was stolen from it. Also hungary wants a peace of it and most importantly Russia wants all of novorussia . When dombass gets incomporsted into russia then they will start moving forward and taking more stuff

  86. cobraboy 418

    Why is russia so greedy. Is 17.130.000 km²/6,601,665 sq mi not enough jeez buttercup putiny.

    1. Kalashnikov 413

      Its not all about taking land

    2. The Professional

      Ukraine is greedy they steal a lot of russian land

  87. Dea Fea

    Ukraine in the USSR is one of the most developed places in the whole world. Ukraine after USSR is a joke, useless army cant even handle some rebels how will they protect their citizen. Go Russia take back Ukraine and shut up the westerns

    1. Dea Fea

      @Pumpkin Gaming7 I saw some news that they sold many advanced tech to the West in return for good realationship. Ukraine used to be the place where the Soviet build tanks, aircrafts and battle ships. Many advanced tech and weapons got thrown into the trashbin after the fall of Soviet

    2. Pumpkin Gaming7

      There a joke now because they gave most of their stuff back to Russia in order to maintain good relations

  88. Essa

    And the story still continues…

  89. ✠ Dravid zwezda ✠

    Ukraine bought TB2 drones
    Run russia Run !!!

    I wish now Ukraine invades Russia, at least one day for revenge

    1. Hoang Vo

      Invading Russia is a very difficult task… taking back Crimea however…

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